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AYRE – Never compromise on connection

When it comes to performance on the trading floor, there is no room for compromise. Your success depends on connecting with the right person at the right time. In a “trade from anywhere” world, how do you make this happen?

AYRE is a powerful trading turret, giving you what you need most, when you need it – instant, real-time communications that are always secure, always compliant.

It maximises your productivity by connecting you to clients and colleagues at the touch of a button. It lets you prioritise and control your most important communications on a single screen.

AYRE has been engineered for advanced performance in the most demanding trading environments.

What are the benefits of AYRE?



Traders don’t have time to adapt to different tools depending on their location. That’s why we designed AYRE. With its simple interface it’s instantly recognisable, and it works the same across all devices.



With the right tools for the job. everything’s easier. Designed to look and feel great, with a flexible touchscreen and buttons right where you want them, AYRE lets you communicate effortlessly. So you can focus on what matters – trading.



Every trader is different and so is the way they like to communicate. AYRE gives you the freedom to customise your workflow and give your clients exactly what they need.



AYRE’s open architecture can be integrated into your overall trading workflow, so it works with other communication channels and apps — increasing productivity.



AYRE delivers valuable new capabilities thanks to its intuitive software, giving you the latest features and eliminating the need to buy new hardware.



Thanks to our open API, AYRE adapts to your business, increasing customer satisfaction and driving efficiency – making you more competitive.

AYRE – What are you prepared to compromise on?

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